Apocalypse Explained (Whitehead) n. 1007

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1007. And keepeth his garments, signifies who live according to His Divine truths. This is evident from the signification of "garments," as being truths covering good (see n. 64, 65, 195, 271, 395, 637); therefore "to keep the garments" signifies to live according to truths, here according to the Lord's Divine truths in the Word.

(Continuation respecting the Sixth Commandment)

In brief, from every conjunction of evil and falsity in the spiritual world a sphere of adultery flows forth, but only from those who are in falsities as to doctrine and in evils as to life; but not from those who are in falsities as to doctrine yet are in goods as to life, for with these there is no conjunction of evil and falsity, but only with the former. That sphere flows forth particularly from priests who have taught falsely and lived wickedly; for these have adulterated and falsified the Word. Even though these were not adulterers in the world, adultery is excited by them; but it is an adultery called sacerdotal adultery, which is distinguishable from other adulteries. All this makes clear that the origin of adulteries is the love and consequent conjunction of evil and falsity.

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