Arcana Coelestia (Elliott) n. 10514

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10514. They also represented their temples before the eyes of spirits belonging to our planet, who said that they had seen nothing more magnificent. They were represented to me as well, from which I saw how they were constructed. They were constructed of trees, not of ones that had been cut down but of those growing in their natural soil. They said that on that planet there were trees wonderfully tall and high. They set them out in rows when these are saplings to grow into arcades and avenues. Then they shape and train the branches while these are still young by cutting and pruning them so that they may interweave and combine together to form the base and hard floor of the temple to be constructed. Other branches rise up at the sides to form the walls, while others bow at the top to form the roof. In this way the temple is constructed by them with astonishing skill, raised high up above the ground, to which they also provide a way up by means of a continuous succession of horizontal tree-branches firmly linked together. In addition they decorate that temple in various ways outside and in with foliage formed into shapes. By this means they construct an entire grove. But I was not allowed to see what those temples are like inside, except to see that the light of their sun is let in through openings among the branches, and in various places passes through crystals, which split the light into various rainbow-like colours around the walls, especially blues and oranges, which they like more than all others. These are their wonderful feats of architectural skill which they prefer to the most magnificent palaces on our planet, and which our spirits too admired and praised more than these palaces.

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