Spiritual Experiences (Buss) n. 1145

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1145. Moreover, I have spoken with these spirits who affected me with weariness, for the reason that I was treating concerning interior and indeed unknown things such as philosophical matters, also those which concern the interior viscera of the human body. Because these matters are such, and they are true, they should not therefore be passed over in silence, although there is scarcely one in a thousand who understands them as, for instance, the things which I saw and heard today concerning the receptaculum chyli. But since this is the case, and the state of spirits and angels cannot be laid open in any other way, it is therefore not to be kept silent; for there are some who perceive and love such things, and there are others who admit them although they do not understand, but see that they confirm universal truths; wherefore these things are written for them alone, not for others. For I can testify that the angels so exquisitely understand things of this kind, for which confirmation is sought from anatomical and philosophical truths,

1145 1/2. that they fully knew and perceived from the things which are in heaven that they are such in the human body. Yea, they perceived innumerably more things which, if they were written, no man living in the body would be capable of understanding; for the angels exquisitely perceive whether the single details are true or not, as I can testify from manifest experience. These things which are so intricate to human minds are general matters to them, and as they say childish, and they wonder that they do not fall within every one's apprehension, as they now dictate, for they are leading my thought to write these things. Moreover, the states of spirits and angels with all their varieties can never be apprehended without a knowledge of the human body, for the Kingdom of the Lord is the likeness of a man, and without such a Kingdom which is truly like a man, because the Lord is the Only Man and He is His Kingdom no man can ever live; for all things in heaven conspire to the conservation of the single things in the body, as can be manifestly demonstrated. And if you wish, you shall hear still deeper arcana.

1145 1/3. Unless there were innumerable worlds or planets which together constitute such a Man, the souls from one world or planet would by no means be sufficient; for there must be indefinite varieties, and in every single part there must be innumerable souls who must establish that Man. 1748, Mar. 3.

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