Apocalypse Explained (Whitehead) n. 1016

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1016. Such as was not since men were upon the earth, signifies that the state was more completely inverted than ever before in the countries where the church is. This is evident from the signification of "there was not such an earthquake," as being that the state of the church was more changed than heretofore, thus completely inverted; also from the signification of "the men that were upon the earth," as being with those who are of the church, thus who are in the countries where the church is. Here the state of the church with the Reformed is especially treated of, while the church with the Babylonians will be treated of hereafter. And that the state of the church has been turned into its opposite is clear from this, that it is not known at this day what good is, nor what truth nor even what love is, nor what faith is; for love is called faith, works are called faith, good is called faith, truth is called faith, and yet it is not in the least seen whether the accepted faith, in which everything of the church is included, be a faith in truth, since it consists of mere incomprehensible things.

(Continuation respecting the Seventh Commandment)

[2] Since hatred is infernal fire it is clear that it must be removed before love, which is heavenly fire, can flow in, and by light from itself give life to man; and this infernal fire can in no wise be removed unless man knows whence hatred is and what it is, and afterwards turns away from it and shuns it. There is in every man by inheritance hatred against the neighbor; for every man is born into the love of self and of the world, and in consequence conceives hatred, and from it is inflamed against all who do not make one with him and favor his love, especially against those who oppose his lusts. For no one can love himself above all things and love the Lord at the same time; neither can anyone love the world above all things and love the neighbor at the same time; since no one can serve two masters at the same time without despising and hating the one while he honors and loves the other. Hatred is especially with those who are in the love of ruling over all; with others it is enmity. [3] It shall be told what hatred is. Hatred has in itself a fire which is an endeavor to kill man. That fire is manifested by anger. There is a seeming hatred and consequent anger with the good against evil; but this is not hatred, but an aversion to evil; neither is it anger, but a zeal for good in which heavenly fire inwardly lies concealed. For the good turn away from evil, and are seemingly angry at the neighbor, in order that they may remove the evil; and thus they have regard to the neighbor's good.

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