True Christian Religion (Chadwick) n. 263

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263. Few people understand how it is that the Lord is the Word. For they consider that the Lord can by means of the Word illuminate and teach people, without this entitling Him to be called the Word. But they should know that each individual is his own will and his own understanding, and this is what makes one person distinct from another. Since the will is the organ for the reception of love, and thus for all the kinds of good which make up his love, and since the understanding is the organ for the reception of wisdom, and thus for all the forms of truth which make up his wisdom, it follows that each individual is his own love and his own wisdom, or what is the same, his own good and his own truth. This is the only thing that makes him a man and being a man consists in nothing else. As for the Lord, He is love itself and wisdom itself, and so good itself and truth itself; He became these by fulfilling every good and every truth in the Word. For one who thinks and speaks nothing but truth becomes that truth; and one who wills and does nothing but good becomes that good. Since the Lord fulfilled all the Divine truth and Divine good which are in the Word, both in its natural as well as its spiritual sense, He became good itself and truth itself, and so the Word.

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